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Teaching Dance Lessons to MA & RI residents for over 30 years!

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  • My husband and I have been going to Arthur Murray Dance of Swansea, MA, for several years. We have really enjoyed learning new dances and becoming more confident on the dance floor. Have met many, many great people. - Ginny L.

  • " Thank you Rick so much for helping us choreograph our wedding dance! We had such a wonderful time with you. Our "Tango Surprise" was a hit! Everyone was blown away! It was truly a moment to remember, forever. We hope to be back soon taking more dancing lessons as a married couple!" - Melanie & Michaud 

  • "Thank you so much for the dance lessons, you are both great! Our first dance was great and the whole night was magical. Thank you both for your hard work. We really enjoyed the lessons!" - Caroline and Brian

  • ​​"Thank you for helping us wow our wedding guests. They were amazed!" - Alex & Stacey 

  • "Thank you so much for everything you did to make our wedding perfect. Our first dance was absolutely the highlight of our celebration - our guests were so impressed! We couldn't have done it without your help." - The LyonWurms

  • "We can't thank you enough for helping to prepare our dance to "Loving You Easy." It's the song Micheal played when he proposed, but we were unsure of how we would dance to it. You really put us at ease. There are so many things to be nervous about on your wedding day, but our dance was not one of them. Everyone loved our dance and lift." - Lauren & Micheal

  • "Thank you for helping us learn the steps, and choreograph the first dance at our wedding. We were so prepared and confident, which made for a flawless performance. All of our guests loved it and commented on how great we learned. We've recommended you to a couple of our newly engaged friends." - Kelly & Ryan

  • "Thank you so much for the dance lessons. We had a great time at our wedding showing off our new dance moves!" - John & Steph

  • "I had this great idea at our last convention, jackie was looking at this couple dancing and said I would love to dance like this. So being the great husband that I am, I remembered that when it came time for christmas. I bought us couples dance lesson. After meeting Robin and Rick we knew we were in the right place. We finished our beginner package and sign up long term. It's a great thing to make your wife smile while she is doing something she loves to do and you are doing... it with her. We have been going since december and it's now June. I can honestly say we have gotten better and when the next convention comes along in October we will be ready. I would like to say thank you to Robin and Rick along with the staff at Author Murray for being the true professionals that you are. THANK YOU!" - Dino Fantasia

  • "My (new) husband and I love to dance! It was really important to us that we had a jaw dropping wedding dance. Robin and her husband were the absolute best!!! Our song was Feelin' Good, the Michael Buble version. They put together an AMAZING dance for us, that even included my husband picking me up and spinning me in the air! We had an absolute blast taking lessons at Arthur Murray Dance Studio. Our guests were cheering the entire time, and being spun in the air in the arms of my love, with all of our friends and family cheering around us was one of the best moments of my life! Thank you to everyone at Arthur Murray in Swansea, MA for helping to make our wedding day so great!!!" - Meg Pimentel

  • "When I first came into Arthur Murray Studio I met your husband Rick, he was very friendly and welcoming. Rick scheduled my first lesson with you, I had no idea that he was your husband. After my first lesson I signed up for three months of lessons to work on a dance routine for the wedding, it was fun from day one. In my quest to find a dance that my daughter and I could do for the wedding, I took to the internet and found some videos on the Foxtrot and decided that this was the dance for us. During our lessons for the father/daughter dance you helped us incorporate some of the dance steps that I had seen watching some of the videos. You were very helpful and supportive in making our dance beyond memorable. You definitely added some flare to the dance, with all the fancy steps you taught us. I am not sure of what our favorite steps were, but I loved the intro walk out on the dance floor. It added that extra elegant touch to the dance. I get chocked just thinking about it. You offered to open the studio one hour early (at no charge) so that we could practice the dance in her wedding dress because we had some concerns I would be stepping all over it.  I was a little reluctant because I didn’t want to see my daughter in her wedding dress before the wedding, but I am so very thankful we listened. We had the entire studio to ourselves, Awesome! We would not have had a successful dance if we didn’t have the trial run. The wedding dress had to be bustled up more than anticipated. As stressed as I was, you help calm my nerves and encourage me and assured me that the dance looked great. While learning the foxtrot for the wedding I truly enjoyed learning how to dance that I signed up for lessons with my wife Margaret and it’s become somewhat of a date night for us. We both have enjoyed learning to dance as well as meeting some wonderful people and the (free) parties are very enjoyable I can’t say enough about how much fun my daughter and I had with the dance. The crowd had no idea what to expect at the wedding. The dance went off without any problems and they were all amazed. I did forget to smile during the dance, but it is a part of my life I will never forget, to have a beautiful elegant dance with my daughter, you helped me in making long lasting memories. Thank you so very much!" - David A. Bernier